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Enter the world of the EmptyBunnies where you will feel all of the pressures of life fade into their soulless eyes. The Bunnies exist in a world of their own where they frolic and live amongst each other, connected by the abyss within.
6000 Bunnies / .04 ETH / 20 buns per tx
Descend down the rabbit hole and see if it’s really empty down here…

🐇 Only 5999 Bunnies left!🥕


  • 25% of Empty Bunnies sold
    • 💰 For every 500 Empty Bunnies sold one holder will randomly be chosen to recieve 0.25 ethereum. Token Ids between 49-1500 will be eligible.
    • 💰 NFTurbo Infinity Sphere system unlocked for release in November! - Infinity Spheres control EARLY ACCESS for all of our future drops. The first 1000 MoonChad and Empty Bunny holders to register will be able to mint a second NFT, an Infinity Sphere!

    Check out this Medium article for more information about the Infinity Sphere Early Access system!

  • 50% of Empty Bunnies sold
    • 💰 For every 500 Empty Bunnies sold one holder will be randomly chosen to receive 0.50 ethereum. Token Ids between 1501-3000 will be eligible.
    • 👕 Fragmentaiz Empty Bunny merchandising can begin printing for early holders!!!

  • 75% of Empty Bunnies sold
    • 💰 For every 500 Empty Bunnies sold one holder will randomly be chosen to recieve 0.75 ethereum. Token Ids between 3001-4500 will be eligible.

  • 100% of Empty Bunnies sold

    • 💰 2.5 Eth donated to the NFTurbo shared community wallet

    • 🎗️2 weeks after sell-out: *20% of the NFTurbo shared community wallet funds will be donated to National Alliance on Mental Illness

    • 💰2 weeks after sell-out: 1 lucky holder will receive a 10% share from the NFTurbo shared community wallet.

Trippy Bunny
About Frag
The EmptyBunnies were created by Frag, a self-taught artist from the gritty streets of NYC who has turned to art as a way of expression. Frag’s artwork takes inspiration and influence from anime and graffiti.

Frag has worked for a non profit for 4 years (Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club of America) and is inspired to create projects that give back to the community and to charity as much as possible.
Community Project / Holder Rewards
Early Bunny NFT holders will be eligible for a second FREE-TO-MINT companion drop in December and an Infinity Sphere NFT in November! 3 NFTs for the price of 1 (AND FREE MERCH TOO WITH IT ALL!)

As far as merch goes, currently inventory wise we don’t know as to what the masses want but we have t-shirts, hoodies, dad caps, tank tops, and shorts. Inventory can be updated accordingly to what people ask for. We cannot entertain ever single persons idea for merch so they will be compromises and ideas chosen collectively by the Empty Bunnies community as to what they want moving forward.

Merch will be done in waves of 100 and will be dispersed accordingly to the order of tokens minted. So for example mint token 1 of 6000 and you’ll be first in line to receive your merch.

Please be patient with us as we are a two man team working on all the pieces of merch done for everyone. We thank you for supporting the empty bunnies and we will continue to give back to those who show support for us as well as what we stand for in the Mental Health Community!

Merch: Empty Bunnies Shirt
Merch: Empty Bunnies Hat
In addition to securing you exclusive merch featuring your bunny, each purchase helps artists cope with the daily stresses of mental illness.

2 weeks after the sale starts, Frag has decided that 20% of the NFTurbo shared community wallet balance will be donated to NAMI!
3 Buns
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